a. Dependent Variable: Hefz_Moshtari

In the present times, customer is considered as a core factor in organizations survival and growth. Organizations concern with customer attraction and maintenance, i.e. to preserve long term relations. The main factors of logical marketing, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are the most effective concepts in this regard. Moreover, market competition severity and understanding the importance of the customer maintenance by the organizations have led them move gradually towards establishment and preservation of the long lasting relationship with the customers. According to the authorities, attention to the logical marketing approach is the best option for realization of the customers; satisfaction and loyalty. Therefore, the present paper aims to study the effective factors on customer maintenance with the approach of logical marketing, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. The study method is survey and data collection instrument is questionnaire. The statistical population of the research consists of all Golrang detergents customers in Tehran metropolitan among which 399 customers were selected as sample population. Data analysis and hypotheses tests were conducted using analytical statistics methods as well as regression and SPSS software.
The results of the study reveal that logical marketing; customer satisfaction and customer loyalty variables are effective in customer maintenance.
Keywords: Customer maintenance, Logical marketing, Customer satisfaction, Customer loyalty.
Faculty of Economic and Managment
Customer Maintenance with a Logical Marketing Approach and with Regard to the Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction
(Case Study: Customers of Golrang Detergents)

A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Art (M.A.) in Business Management
Hakimeh Ahmadi
Dr. Seyed Hamid Khodadad Hoseini
Dr. Parviz Ahmadi
February 2015
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